mental health

Health is wealth. There is no amount of speed a car has; the road will always be in front. Simply put, there is no amount of dreams you wish to fulfil in life there will be more dreams as long as you are alive.

To mark World Mental Health Day, there are some critical tips provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) on how to stay mentally well.

  • Talk to someone you trust when you feel stressed
  • Offer help to friends and family who are struggling
  • If you feel you need it, seek help from a professional

Professional help has proven hard to find and when found, it is expensive to procure. With Giftedminds Community, all getting professional help with mental health (stress and depression) is now made easy and accessible.

According to WHO, “stress means feeling troubled or threatened by life. If you are experiencing stress, you are not alone. Everyone experiences stress at times. A little bit of stress is not a problem. But very high stress can affect the body.”

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As we observe the World Mental Health Day, Giftedminds Community is offering a 7-day free consultancy service. All you have to do is to contact our help desk through this link and get assigned to professional help. Giftedminds Community is your one-stop help centre. Help has come.

Why should you care about your mental health?

A sound mind helps you achieve the following:

  • It helps you rest better
  • It helps you think clearly
  • It helps you develop positive attitude
  • It helps you live healthy
  • It helps you achieve more with less mental effort
  • It promotes longevity

A sound mind is a major requirement for a better life and a future.

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What do I give to get mental health?

  • Give up negative thoughts
  • Give up sleepless night
  • Give up bad vibes and envy
  • Give up  anxiety and fear
  • Give in determination and focus
  • Give in discipline (time management and self-esteem)
  • Give up toxic people and substances
  • Give attention to your health in general