We Offer Workshops For Any Level, From Beginners to Advanced

Explore our unlimited areas of personal and enterprise solutions, and build for yourself and nation an empire of wealth and knowledge that cannot be forgotten. There is a piece for everyone.


Basics of Creative Writing

Learn to tell your story or any story in a way your audience will pay rapt attention from beginning to the end. This is a skill that will help you in communicating your ideas to the world and building your brand.

Report and Executive Summary Writing

Learn the arts of intelligent report writing for business, academics, and other research exploration. This is a skill that will help you in representing your research outcome in logical illustrations and clear structure.

Identifying Market Opportunities

Learn how to think creatively about the needs and wants of the general public. This is a skill that is needed by every entrepreneur and employee. Acquire how to create a market demand out of peoples’ lust.

Learn The Basis Of Creative Entrepreneurship

Learn the 21st-century art of running a private skill enterprise. This is a skill needed by freelancers, innovative persons and startup owners. Explore various business tools and platforms that make business operation easy.

Creative Entrepreneurship (Level 2)

Learn about structuring and legalization of your enterprise. You will also be exposed to right and business laws that protects your business and creations. Also, get to know business support systems that can be used to reduce the workload of decision making and implementation.

Learn The Basics of Pitching Business & Self

Learn how to create powerful content for your business ideas and how to present the ideas with creative illustrations. Get equipped with the basic skills involved in personality appearances, and oration.

Pitching Business & Self (Level 2)

Learn the winning ways of presentation with live performance examples. Get acquainted with advanced skills involved in personality appearance and oration. Learn from personal experiences the pros and cons of pitching.

Market Research and Reporting

Learn about the various strategies involved in carrying out a market survey. Explore diverse tools that are used to aid research and survey and identify the best fit for your idea or business. The art of reporting is a plus.

Writing a Business Plan

Learn about the various types and structures of a business plan. With the pros and cons of developing a business plan, you can avoid writing more than needed and focus on significant details. Also, get a free review.

Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

Learn about how to build an investment attractive business and profile. This class will expose you to the values sought for in startup businesses, business plans and proposals. You will also learn how to write a business model.

Launching an Online Business

Learn how to convert your local business to an international business. This class will expose you to internet platforms that are best for your kind of business. You will also learn about content and client management.

Problem Solving and Executive Decision Making Skills

Learn practical examples from professional business educationists and business owners on how to detect problems in their early stages. This class also expose you to the logic of investigation and decision implementation.

Poetry Business Workshop

This workshop is not to learn how to write poetry. This workshop is for existing poets who need to turn their craft into a profiting financial and reputation stance. Learn the art of showcasing and selling your masterpiece.

Fish Business Workshop

Learn how to go about starting a business in the fishery world. This class explore the various fishing business trends, how to manage fishes and the workforce. You also get to learn fish technology, the art of bookkeeping and branding.

Toiletries Production Workshop

Learn how to make various toilet use products such as toilet soap (liquid and bar), deodorants, disinfectants, and polish. This class will provide accurate guidelines to produce different toiletries and how to market them.

The Economics of Blogging and Vlogging

Learn how to start a weblog and how to understand what your audience seeks daily. You also get to learn how to monetize your blog and transform each content into a money-making machine. You also get to learn about affiliate marketing.

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