Why does our temperature rise when sick

The first thing your doctor will do when you don’t feel well is to check your temperature either with a thermometer or the back of his hand. He is trying to find out whether you have a fever.

Your body has an average temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit when it is healthy. Some diseases make this temperature rise and we call this high temperature fever.

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Fever actually helps us to fight off sickness. Fever makes the vital processes and organs in the body work faster. The body produces more hormones, enzymes and blood cells. The hormones and enzymes are useful chemicals in our body and when we are ill will have to work much harder.

Our blood circulates faster, we breathe faster and so we get rid of wastes and poisons in our system. It is important however to get rid of the fever as quickly as possible as it destroys vital protein in your body.

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