male birds have brighter colors than female birds

Why male birds are brighter than female birds is similar to why flowers come in different colors. But this time it is about birds.

One reason the male bird has brighter colors than a female is that they help to attract the female during the breeding season. This is usually the time when the male bird’s color is the brightest of all.

Even among birds, you see, there can be love at first sight!

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The female’s plumage is not so bright so that they blend in with their natural habitat. The reason is that she needs the most protection when she is sitting on the nest and hatching her eggs. She has dull color to keep her better hidden from her enemies.

That’s all!

But do you know that Ostrich’s eyes are nearly as big as a tennis ball? Ostrich is a free bird and also a big bird. Not a larry bird or a flappy bird, but can be an angry bird. Ostrich lays bigger eggs than any other bird – they are 24 times bigger than a chicken’s egg. The shell is so strong that even if you stand on top of it, it won’t crack.

Now you know!