While we are still broke

While we are still broke is authored by Victor Eshameh. According to the author, “being broke or broken is not unique to an individual but to every living thing.” Find out what to do to step out of this state today.

There is no better way to say this than this way; it is not a shocking thing to be broke. Everyone must have been broke or broken at one point in time. Some were even broke for more than a point in time. If you are not familiar with the word broke, you might be familiar with – penniless, poor, overdrawn, bankrupt, poverty-stricken, ruined, bust, in the red, and in debt. If you have ever been called any of those names, or you have felt like any of those names, this message is for us.

Obviously, there are different levels of being broke or broken. In order to erase confusion, I should let you know that being broke and or being broken are sister cousins. These two ugly situations share the same background, though they are from different parents. In other words, they have the same effect on us regardless of what we are battling with. Unfortunately, some of us battle with these two cousins at the same time – being broke and heartbroken. What can be worse than this ungainly situation?

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The different levels of brokenness

Back to the different levels of brokenness and being broke. There is a level of being broke that I consider the worst; this is being broke and having debts to pay! Rich Dad says debt is good, but I doubt if it is felt the same way by someone who doesn’t have the means of paying back.

The being broke and proud level

Yes, I know there are some rich guys out there who are debtors with pride. They will owe you and still be bossy about it. People who fix payment dates, and when it is time to get your fund back it becomes so hard to see them. They are either in a board meeting or entertaining guests at a golf club or a fancy hotel. This happens a whole lot to people who sell or offer services while allowing their clients to pay later.

Well, back to the real broke guys! The experience is not fun at all when you have debt collectors knocking at your door from time to time. The mental stress is incomparable; especially when it has to do with renewing rent, paying for children school fees, paying the debt of food items bought on credit. You and I know that the list is endless, so add yours.

The Out of Cash Level

Another level of being broke is when you are out of cash. Good enough, you are not a debtor. At least not yet. This kind is common among salary earners. They are only rich for a short period of time of the month. There are quite some exceptions. Others that fit into this category are freelancers, students and the unemployed. This set of people can also surface in the previous level. At this level, you have what to eat and drink but you don’t have anything left to spend or give. Hence, you eat and wear nice clothes but cannot fix or replace your spoilt gadgets. Hmm. At this level, anyone can easily upgrade to the level of being broke and in debt. Because you either wait till the end of the month for your next paycheck or you loan money ahead of your payday.

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The being broke and not knowing it level

There is another level that is milder, it is being broke and not knowing it. You can only meet your needs and not your wants. Thou can afford to change your wardrobe every month. You can buy a new car once every two years. You also live in a very exotic house. No one can ever imagine that you are broke; you can’t see it also. Then suddenly, there was a fire outbreak at your owned business and everything is lost.

Perhaps, you don’t own a business, but your employer decides to retrench workers, and unfortunately, you made the list. God forbid! It is only then you will discover that you are broke. You have little or no savings and no funds in any investment company. You have been broke for a very long time, you are only getting to know as a result of unforeseen circumstances. In some cases, you don’t have to lose your job to know this. Sometimes, it is a health issue, accident, and death as well. I have seen wives and children of rich men lack food after the death of their breadwinner.

Some of us can find our spot on any of these levels. There is a problem with that but it is not a panic situation. Similarly, there is no volume of worry and angst that can convert being broke to being wealthy.

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While we are still broke what next?

Being broke is not a curse, but it has a cause. This is where the solution lies. It lies in understanding the cause, the mistakes, and the negligence that has caused the sudden misfortune. Eradicating poverty doesn’t bank with any prayer ministry or prayer ground. It banks with your faith; it has so much to do with what you believe than what you are.

Debt and being broke is a prison that requires your deliberate intention to break out of. In the words of Rich Dad, debt is good. Hence, here is the condition for such debt – starting up a business with other peoples’ money. This is the place of investment and investors. You do not borrow money to buy consumables or liabilities, you build assets with it.

Step One

While we are still broke, read books and get inspired for tomorrow. The reason we are broke or broken is that there is a particular lack of knowledge. Search intensively for an escape from your current state of mind and status. You will be amazed at the revelations you will come across. There are great authors of books, articles and web content that can turn your mind and attitude around. Buy their books and read their contents at every opportunity you have to.

Step Two

While we are still broke, make great plans for tomorrow. Do not be short-sighted by what you are currently facing. Being broke or broken is not the end of the world, there is always a tomorrow; aim for it. Plan out what you want to achieve tomorrow, regardless of how little or insignificant it might like. Make big plans for the future; this will keep you alive and going.  

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Step Three

While we are still broke, make positive friends and partners. Do not limit your circle of friends because you feel limited. There are positive people out there who will love you and respect your vision, get out there and match up.

Step Four

While we are still broke, start something. They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. You do not want to be the devil’s workshop. If you are not good with handling a business of your own, make efforts to get employed. If you are so committed to starting up your own business, connect with people who can lend you the strength you need.

Step Five

While we are still broke, learn to keep apart. Save money, save time; invest money and invest your time. I once heard ‘it is either you are a seed sower or a bread eater. Prayers do not determine your wealth, your sown seeds do.’ Do not eat all you have harvested, plant so ahead of the rainy day. Learn to split your income, learn to invest and learn to keep it so for long.

Step Six

While we are still broke, I want you to deeply understand that it is only for a while. The only time we do not wake up again is when we die. If we can wake up from any sleep, any dream, then we can wake up from being broke and broken. So wake up, brace up and get up, the world awaits you.

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