What is the secret to attracting venture capital and other funding

The secret to attracting venture capital and other funding is telling a good story that challenges the curiosity of the investors. – Flutterwave CEO

Here is the formula for telling a good story:

“This is what the world was before, then we came on the scene, and this is what has changed, or this is the glorious future we are working on, and by coming on board you can help build that glorious future.”

You have to understand that the investor you are talking to is with other people’s money. You need to tell a story that connects with those people too.

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Why are investors not investing in your business?

The person you are trying to convince, you have not told him the story that will make him part with that one million dollars. This is often due to a lack of empathy in the business plan; people are not using their emotional parts in telling stories.

Here is a hint:

“What I need is a million dollar and look at what I have done with fifty thousand dollars. If you give me two million dollars, look at how much more beautiful and functional this business or invention will be.”  


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