Sphinx and Mummies

Sphinx and Mummies are two ancient Egyptian mysteries; one a rock sculpture and other, a culture.

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Egyptians are highly religious people; though they believed in many gods and goddesses.

The Egyptians also believed in an afterlife to which human souls journeyed after death.

They built pyramids as tombs to keep the body of the dead king safe for eternity and perhaps to ease his passage to the heavens.

They thought it important that the bodies of the dead should be preserved for life in the next world. This lead to the development of mummies techniques.

The dead organs were removed and the body was embalmed and dried, using salts and chemicals, and then wrapped in linen bandages. It was then placed inside a coffin.

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A place called “Valley of the Kings” houses more than 60 royal tombs.

The Great Sphinx is a mysterious rock sculpture with a human head on the body of a lion.

This was built near the pyramids, outside modern Cairo.

The exact reason for this great rock sculpture is unknown.

Historians believe it is older than the pyramids themselves.

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