What do I need to know about getting a job?

Kunle Ayano, Enterprise and Innovation Manager (Giftedminds Community), interviews Dr Kayode Ehindero, on “what young graduates should understand about getting a job“. Dr Kayode Ehindero is a public administrator, labour leader, public speaker, and strategist. He is the founder of The Nigeria Workforce Strategy and Enlightenment Center and The Workplace Media.

Questions and Answers

What you should know about getting a job in Nigeria

What is your opinion about getting a job? ย 

Getting a job is all about marketing what you have to offer. A job is whatever you do in order to contribute to the growth and development of humanity. This does not go without a reward.

Let's talk education. How well do you think the education system in the country is doing in producing qualified jobbers?

The educational sector as it is now can never meet job or work specifications. The challenge is that our educational system is anchoring on the need to remember and not to think. The world now is for thinkers (innovators). The job specification is more of an application of knowledge and being creative about it. A theory does not have a place in this new world, innovators and problem solvers do. Education as we have it is outdated ๐Ÿ˜€ There is a need for urgent Curricular Rigging. We have to localize our education, that is, identifying local problems and addressing them with the relevant curriculum at both secondary and University levels. Education used to give credit to those that can remember those big textbooks containing knowledge, but now, the knowledge is just a Google away.

Does having a job equal working?

They can mean the same thing as long as activity and payment is involved๐Ÿ˜€ Getting or sourcing for a job or work should not be done as if you need employers favour. The employers are those that need your service and as long as you are able and capable by qualification and application of skills, they are going to beg you to work with them๐Ÿ˜€

Is attending or gaining western education the only process required for qualifying for a job?

Just like I said, western education is no longer relevant. We need to encourage the establishment of Mono- versities for singular curricular agenda. Like University of Mechanics or Engineering ๐Ÿ˜€, University of Tailoring & Fashion designing, University of Electronics and Computing, University of Housing and Building Technology, and University of Nanotech or University of Medical sciences etc. Most University graduates are doing something extra to gain relevance. So I will say while education encourages rapt attention and rigorous thinking, we should endeavour to re-channel it to specifics for effective advantage.

At what age is an individual expected to start earning his/her income?

As soon as you are able to get yourself relevant. But, by International Labour Standard 18/ and above.

How much education is enough to qualify an individual for a job?

My belief is that skills most be encouraged. Young person should rather be made to stop at the level of reading and writing. Well, apart from those who wants to purse academics; they could proceed for higher learning. A secondary or First Degree is enough for an average person.

Are there factors limiting employment opportunities in this country sir?

We have heard complaints about nepotism, favouritism and even tribalism. How many more factors do we have in the labour market? As far as I am concern, an employable person cannot be unemployed. This is because what s/he posses or what posses him or her. When a job is not coming s/he will create one. The role of any government is to create enabling environment to make young persons employable. All this other factors like nepotism, favoritism and corruption cannot last and survive the test of time. There are jobs that will require nothing but the right person with the necessary skill and education. You can see that Government Work is failing because it is about who you know. Until we get the right people into the assignment we can’t get it right.

Let's talk labour law. Are there laws either government or labour law that ensures there are opportunities for fresh graduate?

The Law of Federal Republic of Nigeria guarantees Decent Work Law for all adult. It is the duty of Government to create enabling environment for people to work. I believe economic justice can best be won by free people and free enterprise. In fact, it is a right to work. Graduates should ensure they are impacted by their education to make them useful in all ramification.

Let's talk about parenting. How much influence should parents have on their children's choice of career?

Parenting is important for the incubation of future generation. What a parent should do is to be at vantage position to study, recognize and nurture the children for their special area of gifting. Parents are not teachers of children. They are trainers and coaches. They are expected to help children discover whom they truly are or meant to be. Parents should devoid themselves of selfish tendencies of pre- determining or wishing their children take after them. They should ensure they study whatever makes their wards happy and encourage him or her towards it. That is the way. Happiness and success are Siemens Twin, they go together.

What will you suggest to the government and the labour unions on the issue of fresh graduate without jobs?

Fresh Graduate without jobs? We have graduates in millions without job! Some are with job but very dis- satisfied. We call it under employment. Sometimes, we don’t have to graduate before we find things doing. Our government have failed in the area of creating adequate jobs or enabling environment for job creation. I encourage the young persons to take advantage of the new digital world order and make a legitimate living. Labour Unions have roles for their members welfare and incessant treat to Job loss.

How much financial support does a child need from the parent?

Trigger fund. Parenting never stops. It has to go as long as the nurturing process continues. I will not actually want us to monetise parental roles. It goes beyond that. Anything a parent can do to encourage the child’s destiny is goodwill.

As a public Administrator and strategist,what do you think is responsible for the current state of unemployment and how do we get it solved?

I will say the reason for unemployment is not far fetch from the fact that Nigeria lack Administrators, those that can combine human resources and natural resources prospects. We lack creative leadership that can identify our various national challenges and identify people who can solve them. We lack adequate infrastructures that can support those in-built entrepreneurs and artisans. I personally so not believe we don’t have works to do. How can anyone say that, when our challenges are still numerous ๐Ÿ˜“ Enclosed in any challenges is opportunity for Jobs.

What's your final word?

Ehindero: I wish above all things that we all come together and task ourselves to Build the nation Nigeria in spirit and in truth. God help Nigeria ๐Ÿ‘

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