Two feelings struck me today

Two feelings struck me today.

First was the news of another death of a clergy, T.B Joshua. Regardless of whatsoever controversies that he might have faced while on earth and even in death, I love his humanitarian spirit. There are many successfully rich or privileged to have been rich people in Nigeria who don’t care about anyone. T.B Joshua cared for the poor in ways that matter. And, surprisingly, he never ran for any political office.

The only time some ‘privileged to be rich’ individuals attend to the need of the needy and vulnerable is when they want something in return. Some people will only give to the blind beggar because a clergy asked them to offer such sacrifice. Most politicians will only give in order to have your vote. T.B Joshua was not so, to the best of my understanding. Now that he is no more, those who benefited from his benevolence will be needing a new messiah. Will that person be you?

The second feeling that struck me today came as a result of some particular comments I read from an online news platform. Two young Nigerians, I suppose, were battling over religion! This is the story; a Muslim fellow posted a comment saying “we are mortals after all…. RIP”. He posted this in the comment section of the announcement of T.B Joshua’s demise. Then came another fellow who is a Christian to rebuke the Muslim fellow for commenting on T.B Joshua’s demise.

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Suddenly, we have two Nigerians who are supposed to be soul-bound by the interest of the country fighting over which religion is supreme. Then I start to wonder if we will ever survive as one nation bound in peace and unity. Will it get to a point in time in Nigeria when citizen won’t be identified by their nationality but by their religion? Will it get to a point in time in Nigeria when the Christians and Muslims will have its individual states? Will it get to a point in time in Nigeria when apartheid not of color but of religion will become the order of the day?

I feel the Western countries are not as religiously lost like many Nigerians have become. We love to travel out of Nigeria. We visit other developing and developed nations of the world like USA, Dubai, UAE, UK, Israel etc. You go there to have fun, enjoy the sanity of its cities, then return to Nigeria and continue to fight unreasonably instead of improving.

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I wonder why the two religions teach peace and yet many of its followers do not know how to live in peace but conflict. Honestly, I feel it is wrong to speak ill of another person’s belief. Belief is personal and should be respected. Jesus lived among sinners and yet fed them. Likewise the forerunners of Islam did the same.

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Let us think of growth, development and innovation. This should be our common interest. These are the things we should fight for. These are the things we should seek. The enemies of this country will easily conquer us if we are divided. Let’s defend our unity with love and honesty. This will enable us build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.