Years back, it was said and believed that the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. But that saying has met a new day and more challenging society. Now you cannot only be concerned about what to wear and how to wear it if you desire any or all of the followings; recognition, respect, followership, acceptance and authority. You need to spice things up regardless of your swags.

In the year 1963, Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a dream’ gave him almost all the listed desires above. He had always had the swags of an activist for years and many knew him as an activist just like they knew every other activist. Until the day he spiced up his activism with the right contents, his swags was never enough to make him outstanding not until the right content were said.

Another example is Barack Obama. Ever wonder how the black man made his way into the heart of the people of America? One big secret… great content at every opportunity he is given to delivering a speech. One of such great speeches and the one that sold his image and personality to the people of America was the 2014 Democratic National Convention keynote address. Obama delivered a 17-minute speech on the evening of July 27, 2004, for the then-presidential candidate, John Kerry. This speech transformed Obama’s public image and national figure and also paved the way for his journey to becoming president.

The truth is, nobody cares about the speechwriter; the public only praises the speaker. Don’t tell anyone I told you this… the secret of every entrepreneur, politician, public figure, motivational speaker, public relations officer, preacher, marketer and customer representative, lawyers etc. lays in how well they speak the right words.

Former Nigeria president, Olusegun Obasanjo, understood the power of the pen to paper and used it a great deal after his time in office. The former president wrote several open letters that he soon became known as ‘the letter president’. Many said he was using the weapon of the pen to fight political rivalry.

Have I also told you that you do not have to appear in big conferences, competitions, congregation or symposiums before you deliver that big speech? You can present or market yourself, draw the public to your space, products and services from the comfort of your bedroom, sitting room or your car. You can address anyone and everyone around the world. Special thanks to all social media platforms and their developers.

If you are still wondering what this revelation is all about, here is the summary – content creation.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, regardless of how impressing you might look; if your communication does not contain the right words (contents), none of these [recognition, respect, followership, acceptance and authority] will be yours. Larry King attested to this in his book, “How to speak to anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

There is a saying that, ‘out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’ This implies that people see you as what you say. They will choose to trust you or reject you based on the content you deliver. This often happens during interviews and screening exercises. This is why it is highly risky to appear in a place without preparation. Uttering the wrong words at the right place is bad for your person, business and brand.

I should also mention this quickly. The content you deliver at an interview is different from the kind of content expected at a trade fair/exhibition. The kind of content you put out at a friend’s birthday party or house warming is different from the content expected at a campaign or advertorial. The bottom line is, you either learn to become an expert in content writing or you hire the right hands to do the job.

There are several content writers in the world today. Thanks to ICT and all its gadgets, it is so easy to connect with content writers. However, often than necessary, there is a problem of delay in delivery and or content not meeting the expectation of the event. One amazing mechanism of content is neither the grammar nor the sweet flow of lines; it is the emotion-packed in each sentence and how the writer is able to convert each paragraph into a relatable story for the listeners.

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Do you still think you don’t need this because you do not have a business or you are not yet a public figure?

One of the greatest communication experts, Larry King said; “Everybody is selling something. You are selling yourself and your education and your experience every day in your job, whether you are a salesperson or something else. You’ll never sell any product that is as important as yourself, so you have to do it right.” You need a CV that speaks for you. You need a statement of purpose that is acceptable for that next international admission. You need a cover letter that proves your authority in your field. Tweet

Now that you know; what are you waiting for? Do something.  

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