Together despite all odds

Together despite all odds, Now 60

Since the day when River Niger and River Benue became lovers,

And 1914, when Northern and Southern Nigeria got married,

To 1960, when Nigerians got liberated and united

We have seen; and we’ve conquered several odds to stay together as one.

Together, we’ve torn wide apart the jaws of the civil war,

Together, we’ve broken the arms of civil unrest,

Together, we’ve crippled the legs of corruption and terror

Together, we’ve cried; together we’ve prayed and together we celebrate.

From the North to the South,

Our land is adorned with great vegetation and mineral resources,

Our brethren in the East are great entrepreneurs and industrialist;

With great wit we excel in the intellectual wealth of Western Nigeria.


Your sons and daughters; with a lion heart

Trending and scaling high all across the world,

Aliko Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija, Chimamanda Adichie,

Anthony Joshua, Israel Adesanya among many others

With over 250 ethnic groups and more than 520 spoken languages

We all live under the same roof and breathe the same air peacefully

Irrespective of our cultural diversity and religious differences,

This is Nigeria, we are united as ever.

Together we stand as one.

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