These are the 28 things the computer can do that you probably don't know

A computer system refers to the computer and all its equipment. Equipment like speakers, printer, keyboard, scanner, etc. is called peripheral equipment, sometimes shortened to “peripherals”. The central processing unit (CPU) is considered to be ‘the computer’. Without peripheral equipment (such as a monitor, printer, speakers, etc.) for input and output, the microcomputer (home computer) will not be able to do anything you find useful.

28 things you can do with your computer

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Here we consider the uses of computer, some of which you might be familiar with and some you never considered.

Word processing – Word processing software automatically corrects spelling and grammar mistakes. If the content of a document needs to be repeated, you don’t have to type it each time. You can use the copy and paste features. You can print out documents and make several copies. It is easier to read a word-processed document than a handwritten one. You can add images to your document as well.

Internet – It is a network of almost all the computers in the world. You can browse through much more information than you could do in a library. That is because computers can store enormous amounts of information. You also have very fast and convenient access to information. Through Email you can communicate with a person sitting thousands of miles away in seconds. There is chat software that enables one to chat with another person on a real-time basis. Video conferencing tools are becoming readily available to the common man.

Digital video or audio composition – audio or video composition and editing have been made much easier by computers. It no longer costs thousands of dollars of equipment to compose music or make film. Graphics engineers can use computers to generate short or full-length films or even to create three-dimensional models. Anybody owning a computer can now enter the field of media production. Special effects in science fiction and action movies are created using computers.

Desktop publishing – with desktop publishing, you can create page layouts for entire books on your personal computer.

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Computer in medicine – You can diagnose diseases. You can learn the cures. Software is used in magnetic resonance imaging to examine the internal organs of the human body. Software is used for performing surgery. Computers are used to store patient data.

Mathematical calculations – Thanks to computers, which have computing speeds of over a million calculations per second we can perform the biggest of mathematical calculations.

Banks – All financial transactions are done by computer software. They provide security, speed and convenience.

Travel – One can book air tickets and make hotel reservations online.

Telecommunication – Software is widely used here. Also, all mobile phones have software embedded in them.

Defense – there is software embedded in almost every weapon. Software is used for controlling the fight and targeting in ballistic missiles. Software is used to control access to atomic bombs.

E-learning – Instead of a book it is easier to learn from E-learning software.

Gambling – You can gamble online instead of going to a casino

Examinations – You can give online exams and get instant results. You can check your examination results online.

Computers in business – Shops and supermarkets use software, which calculate the bills. Taxes can be calculated and paid online. Accounting is done using computers. One can predict future trends of business using artificial intelligence software. Software is used in major stock markets. One can do trading online. There are fully automated factories running on software.

Certificates – Different types of certificates can be generated. It is very easy to create and change layouts.

ATM machines – The computer software authenticate the user and dispense cash.

Marriage – There are matrimonial sites through which one can search for a suitable groom or bride.

News – There are many websites through which you can read the latest or old news.

Classmates – There are many alumni websites through which you can regain contact with your classmates.

Robotics – Robots are controlled by software.

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Washing machines – They operate using software

Microwave oven – They are operated by software.

Planning and Scheduling – software can be used to store contact information, generating plans, scheduling appointments and deadlines.

Plagiarism – software can examine content for plagiarism.

Greeting cards – You can send and receive greetings pertaining to different occasions.

Sports – Software is used for making umpiring decisions. There is simulation software which a sportsperson can practice his skills. Computers are also used to identify flaws in technique.

Airplanes – Pilots train on software, which simulates flying.

Weather analysis – Supercomputers are used to analyze and predict weather.

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These are the 28 things the computer can do that you probably don’t know. There are obviously more things to do with the computer and also earn from it. To earn from the use of computer in any way you have to develop your skills in the use of any aspect you are interested in. Learn about specific software development in your niche and develop yourself.

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