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The two biggest enemies of learning are comfort and arrogance – either will cripple your desire to learn and grow. And when you don’t learn and grow, success will not only be hard to come by, it will positively avoid you.

Sad enough, many people don’t learn or had stopped learning. They are all out looking for financial satisfaction and have neglected the acquisition of knowledge.

With knowledge you can maximize your opportunities and minimize your mistakes. You can create opportunities which others might never think of.

When you see an individual who is constantly working and failing in academics, business, career, marriage, relationship etc. there are no two reasons around it, knowledge is missing. You can’t constantly do the same thing over and over – thinking you are picking up your broken pieces – hoping that things will change miraculously.

Go into the house of anyone self-made person, and chances are you will find a library containing books on business, leadership, success, and wealth creation. The question you need to ask yourself is: which came first? The library or the luxurious house? I’ll bet it wasn’t the house. A clear study of successful people will show you that they all have one secret: learning.

You don’t need to go to seminars, and formal courses to learn, although they are great for some types of education. If you are observant, interested, and committed to learning, any event, person, or situation is a potential teacher.Everything you try that fails is a chance to learn and move on to better things.

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