The Thief Is One Of Us

“She is one of our own! 

She must not be made to pay!” 

Shouted the Aku people. 

“She is being victimized, 

Just because she is a woman!” 

“Hollered the womenfolk.

That she actually stole 

They do not deny 

That the stolen money 

Could have bettered the lot 

Of many emaciated co-owners 

They would not address

So, steal our money 

Loot our treasury 

As long as you remain in the fold    

If you remain one of us, 

You are not a thief 

But a chief

You become a thief 

Only when you decamp 

And disown us 

This then is the unvoiced language 

Of our home-grown political brigands, 

Who claim to be governing 

By way of demo-crazy

Poet: Samson Olusola Olatunji

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