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The smart way to live life is not as demanding as I thought it would. More often than not, life seems a little bit complex, and knowing all is quite a task. This is where learning comes in place. An African proverb says, “If you want wisdom, sit with the wise. For through this, their wit might rub on you.

I gained several incredible insights from the just concluded 40th anniversary of Living Faith Church. In one of the services, Bishop David Oyedepo mentioned that ‘giving is living.’ In his message, he brought to light how important sowing is in guaranteeing harvest. A farmer that does not learn to sow, will either beg for food when others have harvested or will have to earn enough money (through labor) to enable him to purchase harvested crops. In essence, do not eat all you have. Learn to keep some as seeds to be sown.

Bishop Oyedepo also mentioned that giving is a covenant with scriptural backing – ‘…seedtime and harvest…’, ‘…a time to sow and a time to reap…’ In a nutshell, if you do not sow (give) you are not eligible to expect a harvest (receive). For instance, God gave His only begotten son, to receive us.

Bouncing out of scriptures to the medical illustration of ‘giving is living’, Bishop David Oyedepo mentioned that if you refuse to give out carbon dioxide, you cannot receive oxygen. This implies that human was naturally created to fit into a cycle of redistributing.

Years back, one of my mentors called me to ask about the last time I shared the knowledge I have gained from reading books. He said, when you read and read and do not create time to share knowledge, you will become exhausted. It is like feeding and feeding without going to the toilet to ease out.

So I want to ask you today, how have you been living your life? What are you sowing? What are you giving? What are you investing in? Have you been living a life full of desires and expectations only? What are you giving back to society?

It is so popular among us, humans, to keep expecting the world to help us. We are expecting our uncles, aunties, parents, community leaders, and religious heads to help us. But, how much of a help have you been to anyone? You cannot just live a life of receiving and receiving from here and there, when will others receive from you.

Everyone lacks something. Everyone is aiming higher than they are right now. We all want to be better than we are each day; gain more financial strength, reputation, and possessions. So, you cannot blame anyone for leaving you unattended. You cannot hold anyone responsible for your life. You should be more responsible for your life than anyone else should. Remember it is your life.

What do you do with the money you get as a gift from family and friends? What do you do with your salary every month? What do you do with your goodwill? Are you sowing seed ahead of drought or are you just saving your seeds? Or, do you just eat them all up?

I was made to understand that saving cannot get us anywhere. How much and how long can you save for the future? We spend so much effort saving and in the end, we do not get enough to last for a lifetime. I was also made to understand that sometimes insects and pest invades storehouses and destroy stored crops. In the same light, pilfers (thieves) invades banks and other savings facilities. What if instead of saving, you invest the money? What if instead of eating all you gain, you share some with others?

Investing in the lives of other have been said to be the surest of all investment. Biblically it is written that the poor will not cease in the land. And it is also written that giving to the poor is lending to God. Imagine how plenteous your harvest or reward would be if you lend to God.

If you are still wondering what the smart way to live life is; it is in the much you are willing to give. Every giver is not only celebrated but also praised. Givers are remembered by many and over several lifetimes. Every giver is loved and prayed for. Givers are respected and honored.

If you do not know how to give, start by giving to those lesser in status or income around you. Giving could be between domestic servant or employee to employer, parents to children, children to parents, wife to husband, husband to wife, and employer to employees, among others. Give to the poor, give to the needy, give to the homeless, give to the handicapped, and keep giving. Help in your community; contribute to community projects, church projects, among others.

Don’t forget to invest in financial opportunities as well. One mirthful fact about sowing is that you will always get more than what you sow. Have you see where a farmer sows three corn and gets only three corn during harvest. Have you seen where a farmer plants a yam seedling and gets just one yam from that single yam seed during harvest? There is no ROI (Return on Investment) that ever returns with the same amount you put in. Hence, safeguard your future and that of your children by sowing graciously in people’s lives, businesses, and investment plans. In addition, never forget to be grateful to God that makes all things possible.

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