the power of aiming
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…you are the ultimate measure of how far you’ll go in life.”

– Henry Ukazu

I was once approached by a friend on how I do my things to yield results. He prodded because he felt tempted that I am a playful, jovial and naughty type; and yet, I am a little bit productive in my endeavours. He hit the nail by concluding that “As a newspaper vendor, you still offer something that amazes us!” Though I don’t think I am the right personality for today’s write-up, because the topic stems from what I encountered, I crave your indulgence in becoming the Dramatis Persona.

Mind, Action and Life

Back to my encounter, my response is simple and straightforward. I just told my friend that as a firm believer of Plato’s – the Ancient Scholar – School of Thought, I always follow the three intricacies – Mind, Action and Life – he postulated in one of his Theses that connects the Ancient world with the contemporary world.

You can only be productive when you are conscious of what you want to achieve from what you are doing. Similarly, you have to be aiming for something. You have to set a target for yourself. Then, you have to understand that your life is always at a standstill that you have to set in motion. You have to attach priority to your life (discover more about Priority in Responsible Living). Also, you have to realise that every action of yours should be directed towards what you want to achieve and represents.

Heading in the wrong direction?

I have a simple demonstration of life by comparing our life with that of a car: If a car is off, it cannot move unless there is a kind of mechanical fault, imperfections or it is being pushed by human beings. But as soon as the driver kick start the car, it will be set in motion. Our life is like something of that nature. Immediately we are born, we have been mounted on the driver’s seat to steer our life in the direction we desire. This is because, as it is with a car that if you don’t control it, it will face the direction it pleases and harm us, that is how our life will be heading in the wrong direction.

Daily Habits of Successful People | Brian Tracy

I can see some people that are not targeting anything, which simply indicates that there are many people in life that are not aiming for something. You find it intriguing when you ask them what they are working towards in life, and their responses will let you feel down. Those people are like that not because their souls are not blessed, but because they are not nurturing their souls to be seeing what is above them and challenge themselves to rise up to it. “If you want to live a happy life,” says Albert Einstein, “tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

When you know what you are aiming for…

It is our natural inclination to be confused, distracted, desponded, frustrated and disturbed when we are facing unfavourable circumstances as we are treading our paths in life. Those feelings are firmaments of how we are being shaped. When you know what you are aiming for, you won’t be down to those feelings! Aiming for something gives you the clear vision and commitment of purpose to believe that the tunnel may be filled with darkness, but there will be light at the end of it.

Wherever you find yourself, you have to form the habit of aiming for something and let go of any obstacle that may stand against you. Remember that: The habit that you formed is your fortress at the time of despair, while the one you fail to break will definitely tear you apart! When you aim for something, you won’t lower your ambition to what comes your way. Rather, you will do everything possible to override what comes your way for the interest of your ambition.

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Don’t lose yourself to comparison

You have to be aiming for something because you are striving for becoming a better version of yourself; because you are treading your path and because you have your potential to fulfil. Remy Blumenfeld rightly advises: “Nothing gives you a greater sense of your power than when you do what you’ve said you’ll do.” Don’t lose yourself to comparison or an unnecessary race of destiny. You have to understand that we are all searching for one ultimate treasure – happiness – that can be found through various tracks of purpose.

One of the things I aim for is what I am passing across to you this morning. Someone once said, “If you don’t take the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.” I aimed for the life I want because I have set my eyes on something that can stand for me and gives me a reflection of myself, and I am becoming that by doing little things aligning with my values than to be doing many things that will be drawing me away from my values.

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