We all know how helpful fire is in our kitchen. It produces heat which helps to cook our food. Fire does more than this; fire is also used for manufacturing. It is the fire that the blacksmith uses in moulding iron into different forms and shapes to meet our various needs.

Though fire is good and important, however, it requires our total control and monitoring as we apply it to work. The absence of control on fire can lead to a fire outbreak or fire disaster. Fire disaster could be a result of domestic or industrial hazard. A gas leak in the kitchen can result in a fire disaster; uncontrolled burning of dry bushes can also lead to a fire disaster. Likewise, in industries, power overload and old electrical wire connections are common causes of a fire disaster.

Fire disaster leads to several damages especially the loss of lives and the destruction properties, hence, the need to protect our environment against fire disaster. Towards the end of 2018, there was a fire disaster on the Lagos bridge that saw the loss of lives and car properties. This fire disaster was caused by the collapse of a fuel tanker on that bridge.

As a child, I have observed several fire disasters in my neighbourhood; one as a result of leaking gas which left so many houses burnt down, people died while some have to live with a disfigured body. Another such experience was through electricity malfunction from the transformer which left almost the same effect on the residence of that area.

It is without a doubt an utmost necessity to ensure that we do not lose hard-earned properties and loved ones to fire. To avoid such waste of lives, properties and health hazard I will recommend that we take the following cautions seriously.
We should always drive carefully and with total concentration. And likewise, it is not advisable to smoke while driving or in fire-prone areas such as kitchen and filling stations.

In the same vein, we must ensure that our gas cylinder is not in the house but outside; and also avoid the use of telephones in the kitchen. While using appliances in the home or office, we must ensure we put them off after use and also do not overload the electrical socket.

Furthermore, it is advisable to have all emergency numbers, especially that of fire service stations in case of a fire disaster.

Fire disaster does not just happen, it is caused by carelessness and ignorance. Fire disaster is one of the deadliest disasters that can happen to man because whatsoever is caught in fire will never remain the same. And it cost a fortune to replace whatever fire takes.

It is also important that our government help to prevent and control fire disasters by regular education of the masses and the provision of a swift response team for a fire outbreak. They should also work with the medical institutions to ensure that fire burnt victims are given the required medical attention because failure to do so have always resulted in the death of rescued victims.

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