The future many entrepreneurs aren't seeing coming

A time is coming when all the things you know won’t be relevant anymore; a time when your known skills, business style and winning attitude will become outdated and unyielding. Believe me, this is not some kind of prophecy. It is one of the sour truths many will never want to hear.

‘Change is constant.’ That’s not my word. That statement has been made long before some of us were born. Well, this is not why I am writing to you. I want to take you into the future for the next few minutes. Afterwards, I will leave you to choose your fate for the future.

But before we go into the future, let me help you remember your past. This will help you paint a better picture of the future.

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Many will remember the days of Dr Pepper, Crush, Krest, and Soda. If you don’t remember this, don’t worry. You should remember Gold Spot, Limca and Cream Soda. These were great soft drinks with pleasant tastes that are currently not available. However, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, 7Up, Pepsi etc. still stands. This is just by the way.

Do you remember the days when candles and lanterns were the major rescues from the darkness in most homes? Recently, I was thinking about the number of times I had broken the lantern bulb. Obviously, such action does not go unpunished.

Permit me to remind you of another quickly. When was the last time you went to the post office to post letters or pay for stamps? They have been replaced by a new system of courier services and logistics companies.

Okay, let me add this also… do you remember the days when you have to go to the NITEL office or phone posts each time you want to make a call especially to friends and family outside the country? Do you remember that there were days when nothing like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Zoom existed?

When I told you earlier that a time is coming when all the things you know will become irrelevant, you must have thought I was belittling your knowledge. Nope! Now, let’s go into the future peacefully.

Do you know that there are plans ongoing to make Mars habitable for humans? Do you know that electronic cars are getting set to replace gasoline cars, just as automobiles are fast replacing manually driven cars? Do you know that presently you can diagnose some common illnesses without going to see a doctor? And, do you know that AI robots and devices will soon flood the market and reduce labour jobs and skills in industries and companies around the world?

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Argh! I must have said too much already. But the most important thing is this… Do you know that in the nearest future there will be more unemployed and unemployable people in the world? This is not to scare you or make you feel I need you to help me take action on anything.

This might sound like another ill prophecy; but do you know owing a private business does not secure your space in the change that is fast approaching. If you like don’t believe me. If big banks and brands like Intercontinental bank, Diamond bank etc. can fall apart; if an international communication company (Econet, V mobile, Celtel, Zain Nigeria, (now) Airtel) can go through a downturn and change of ownership severally within ten years; then your business definitely needs to brace up immediately for the future ahead.

What exactly am I driving at with all these stories? Here it is – Business Development and Innovative Thinking.

The problem many businesses have is not funds or customers; it is a lack of innovative thinking. There was a time when we do not have the privilege to order online and get our ordered items delivered to our doorstep. Someone innovated or ‘borrowed’ the idea and made it work in Nigeria. Many businesses have already copied the trend, and soon this form of online marketing and purchasing will become outdated and a change will come in soon.

One thing about change is that it takes time for everyone to fully get to understand how to profit from it. But this cannot be your case if you are the one bringing the change to society.

Take a look at Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg. He launched the social interactive platform way back before many people started thinking in that direction. He brought changes to the way people communicate; he brought friends and family who are faraway much closer than emails, phone calls and scanning of pictures ever did. Though many developers are trying to develop apps like Facebook; Mark understands this and so he keeps buying up any big challenger in the Facebook family.

Enough said, let us talk about how to survive the incoming new trends of change. The wind of change is gradually blowing across the world, and soon it will hit your business and disrupt your private space. The executive knowledge you have acquired from prestigious business schools will now need upgrading.

‘Brethren, it is time to start preparing for that change to come.’ That is what I would have advised if I were a motivational speaker. But I am not. Rather, I will advise that you become the change. Yes, you can! If anybody else can bring a change to the way things are done, to the way businesses are run, you too can.

If you are interested, I will recommend you apply and participate in the upcoming Giftedminds Community Business Development and Innovative Thinking Symposium. The symposium will be attended by business development experts and innovative strategists from different works of life. They will be sharing their experiences, success stories and innovations that work.

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The good news is that you can be part of this eye-opening program no matter where you are, and no matter where you’re from. Register now and secure your space at the event. For more information mail Giftedminds Community or Chat on WhatsApp at 08100069115. Registration is free for the first twenty people.

That’s by the way, the Apple Company boss man, Steve Jobs once said, ‘innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.’ That’s not all; I was listening to Peter Drunker speak on entrepreneurship and innovation, he mentioned that ‘people who dwell on certainty are unlikely to make good entrepreneurs. But everyone who can face up to decision-making can learn to be an entrepreneur and behave entrepreneurially.

So, I ask you this day; what is your decision? 

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