Many years ago there lived an ancient Chinese Grand Master of Philosophy and martial arts. Students spent many years studying philosophies and truths.

One day, an apprentice who was admired by all of his peers went before the wise old master. This was a great honour, for only one apprentice is selected annually.

It was customary at this visit to partake in an ancient ritual, involving a Chinese tea and herb drink, while learning from the great master the secrets of true wisdom and knowledge.

As the student sat down, he began to tell the master all of what he had gained in his four years of study. The student continued with zeal and excitement explaining experience after experience as the master patiently listened.

After a short while, the master began to pour tea into the student’s cup. The student, seemingly unaware, continued to speak. As the master slowly poured the tea, the cup began to run over and the tea spilt onto the table and into the student’s lap, ultimately reaching the floor.

The hot tea scalded the student, causing him to jump up and scream “Master! Why do continue to waste this precious tea?”

The master replied, “son come back when your cup is empty for I cannot fill a cup that is already full.”

Although the story is simple, it conveys an important message: “if you think you already know it all, then there is nothing more to teach you.” Anything else will simply spill out and go to waste. You must first empty your cup! Once your cup is empty, you will begin to realise that “The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know.”

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