sad multiethnic couple having conflict in street
Let me flow… flow like wine into an empty cup of glass 
Let me live… leave like a leaf relieved of hanging all-day 
No, not this time… this catatonic catarrh cats at me like meow 
No, not this time… this dogmatic doll dulls me like closed doors 
It is only a matter of time… my best is yet to come  
Blabbing… so I am expected to sob when I become the sub 
Subjecting… it goes bla… bla… finger pointing at the black sheep 
I thought awards are not important and that her words are 
That her past doesn’t matter since her part isn’t bitter 
But it is only a matter of time, the best is yet to come 
There are no conversations that are not confrontations 
Explanation begets lamentation and suspension without intention 
So much air around us that I could hardly hear you  
Here I stand, hearing nothing but the cracking nuts in your silent sneer 
They say it only gets better, for the best is yet to come 
What could be worse than this if not the fact that I was like this 
For I always choose to wait regardless of the weight I have to bear 
Even when the pain paints scores of sours on the face of my faith 
I have had to growl, I have grown; it is only wise for me to be gone 
For until my good is better and my better best, I shall never rest 
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The Poet’s Note

This is for as many as those who are in love with someone you can’t be with and cannot let go. A relationship is not easy especially when it is hard to understand each other. The basis of a relationship is to have someone who understands you and wants to help make you a better version of yourself. But sometimes, we find ourselves looking for a relationship with the one we love obviously does not love us in return. What should you do when you cannot find love where you want to?

The first paragraph explains the expectations of a lover and the experiences gotten. The first two lines were of expectations ‘let me flow… flow like wine into an empty cup of glass.’ The wish for freedom and the freshness of wine are among the expectations of this lover. The third and fourth line shows that the experiences received are not what the lover wants. For instance, the poet wrote, ‘No, not this time… this catatonic catarrh cats at me like meow.’ But at the end of it all the lover hopes for the best that is yet to come.

The second paragraph explains the pointing of fingers and accusations among lovers. The first two lines were of blabbering and subjecting lovers to certain points of view. For instance, subjecting the lover to a black sheep. The next two lines also express some expectations that were not met. For instance, the poet mentioned that, ‘I thought awards are not important and that her words are.’ The poet also reminisces on the part of the lover comparing it to the lover’s past.

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The third paragraph explains how the lovers lived together. The lack of conversation, the confrontation, explanation, lamentation, suspension were the major factors in the lovers’ life. In this paragraph, the poet paints a picture of lovers who hardly have a conversation that doesn’t lead to confrontation. The poet also explains that while the two lovers experience this, silence began a means of communication which is likened to a cracking nut.

The last paragraph shows a lover lamenting how long this has been going on. The lover also stresses the weight and pain that comes with such a relationship and how it will be wise to be gone. This is justified with having to grow and growl in a lifestyle that is already worse. However, this lover promise to continue to lover until the best comes.

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