The Basics of Pitching Business and Self

The Basics of Pitching Business & Self

Learn how to create powerful content for your business ideas and how to present the ideas with creative illustrations. Get equipped with the basic skills involved in personality appearances, and oration.

What You Will Learn

Learn how to convert your ideas to a marketable product and how to sell it. With this course, you will understand the basic requirement of drafting your pitch and pitching it right. You will also be exposed to the different types of pitches, and format to guide your structuring.

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Pitching Business


We believe you might have some thoughts and concerns about what you are about to invest your money and time into. Here are questions many have asked and answers that have been given. Hopefully, this will clear your doubts.

The Basics of Pitching Business and Self is a four hours course. You are required to have a good internet connection and at least an Andriod phone that can connect to the internet and other mobile application software.

After the requirements for this course are met, you will be awarded a certificate and a mentor to who you can reach out after the course.

This course is scheduled to last for only 4 hours. This can be divided to 2 hours per day. At the end of this, you will only have to finish up your assessment paper to get a certificate. After the two hours, you might not have access to the class and course anymore.

If you applied for the course and failed to attend at the stated date and time; you can reapply. To reapply, you are to send an email on the same day the class was held to state your absence and request a rescheduled class. But in the case whereby you attend the class for a while and then dropped out. You will have to make a fresh payment to continue the course.

We do not encourage un-appointed contact with instructors. Your first point of contact with your instructor is through the classroom. There and then, your instructor will attend to your concerns. In a situation whereby there is a need for physical contact or out-of-class contact, you might need to book an appointment.

At the end of this course, each student will take a quiz. This quiz is time-based and failure to submit at the preset time will amount to failing the course. But you can reapply for the quiz within 2 hours.

Afterwards, you will be given a project to carry out. This project is 70 per cent of your total score and it is expected to be submitted in two weeks.

We advise that applicants should be familiar with Google applications such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Google Form. We also advise that applicants should be familiar with other conferencing platforms such as Microsoft, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook.

The medium of instruction lay among the listed applications. However, each course instructor will communicate with you on the medium available for each course and how to use it.

 If you have a change of mind about the course, you are free to drop the course before the lecture date. You should contact us via email or phone call to state this. It is important to note that once you have registered and attended the class you can not drop the course. Similarly, you cannot withdraw from the course while class is in session. Your withdrawal has to come at least two days before the class starts.