Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions to the usage of our services


Registrations on Giftedminds Community is absolutely free of charge. You will be required to provide your full name and an active email address. After registering, you will be recommended to provide a profile picture,  profile name and profile bio. Your access to certain functions and services will be limited. You can click on SUBSCRIPTION to find out more beneficial options.


There are only two subscription plans, that is, premium and platinum. You will be charged on a monthly basis in Naira. You will receive an email at the end of every month to notify you of the next payment. To unsubscribe, all you have to do is to cancel at the next subscription notification. If you wish to cancel before the next subscription notification, contact our help desk.


The forums are open for all registered and subscribed members. There are however limitations to the number of forums and topics that can be joined or created by a registered user. Only subscribed members are allowed access to all forums and topic creation. Users are not allowed to share personal information with ANY member of the forum.


Counseling Session is held on weekends and is free for all subscribed members. However, only those who have booked and have been allotted date and time will be able to meet a counselor. Counseling session are held individually with a single counselor. Meetings are held virtually through Google Meet only. 


Mentoring Session is held daily and is absolutely free for all subscribed members. However, if you want a private session with any mentor in the community, you will have to book ahead. An appointment will be fixed based on when the mentor is free to attend to you individual. To gain access to mentoring at any other day, visit the Mentors Forum and proceed with your interaction.


Subject Expert service is free for only PLATINUM subscribers. You will gain access to an academic tutor who will help you in your pursuit of academic excellence. Tutors will coach you on any three difficult subjects of your choice once a week. A Subject Expert is expected to take a subject per time. Each subject session is expected to last for an hour. This implies that you will only have three hours with your Subject Expert per session.


For any inquiries please email


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