2. What does Giftedminds Community do?


2. What does Giftedminds Community do?

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What do we do?

Giftedminds Community offers intellectual contents (written, audio and video) to community members from local and international writers. Our content aim is to help build a society of positive achievers. A serene environment where people can share, learn and be inspired is what the community stands for.

All contents made available help to provide a solution to problems and issues of concern among community members. From all academic subjects to career and health contents, we provide writings that answer questions genius-like.

We also have mentors from different works of life in the community. They serve as counsellors to community members who need to share their thoughts and worries. Mentors on the platform are carefully selected and they treat every discussion confidentially.

We equally provide a 24-hour online service to students and researchers who need help with sourcing materials for their assignment, research and projects. We have over ten tutors handling different aspects of academics.

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