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Giftedminds Community is open for the partnership of secondary and tertiary educational institutions. Presently, we are partnering with secondary schools within Nigeria. The reasons considered for this partnership are educational system modeling, school upgrading, and security-related reasons. 

Educational system modelling

Our utmost desire is to help in the modeling and remodeling process of the educational system. Countries around the world are engaging educational technology in enhancing their educational sector. Several online schools are beginning to emerge, but we have chosen to boost the efforts of all schools by providing this community. With our online resources and information database, we are uniting the knowledge gained at school with relevant exposures required by students. We also make available 24 hours online assistance for students who are facing challenges with any aspect of studies. We have competent online tutors who will guide students in sourcing materials for research and term papers. We also have forums where students can share ideas with their peers on subject-based, topic-based, career-based issues.

School upgrading

We have a profound interest in education and we are committed to seeing every school grow and have access to educational and social amenities. We aid the pursuit of quality and advanced education delivery in schools through partnership.


As a community interested in students who are majorly adolescents and youths, we have considered seeking the partnership of schools to enable us to secure the online presence of every student. To this end, we will be able to trace and report online misconducts of students to school authorities with whom they belong. These misconducts or security-related issues might include cyberbully, fraud attempts, phonographic-related contents, emotional cybercrime, identity theft, depression, suicide attempts or notice, stockers among many others. This will help schools understudy the moral strength of their student as well as provide a platform to enlighten them on being better persons.

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  1. Communications. Partnering schools have access to disseminating information to their students privately on our platform. The school authority will be given access to students’ accounts to enable light class activities and testing.
  2. School upgrade. Giftedminds assists the school in attaining their desired facility and amenity goals. We voluntarily shoulder the purchase of some school amenities for social and educational purposes.
  3. Library upgrade. As a content and information based-firm, Giftedminds is committed to facilitating school library development in order to enhance education within the school premises. Either existing or non-existing, we will help enhance the partnering school’s library by providing books, internet facilities, and other resources.
Giftedminds Community


  • Exposure: We provide the greatest selection of local and international content written for academic and enlightenment purposes.
  • Help: We provide 24-hour quick online assistance for research or projects.
  • Connection: We help schools remain connected with their students against all odds.
  • Growth: We empower creativity, positive attitude, and ethics among students
  • Entrepreneurship: We help grow a nation of devoted and enterprising future leaders who sees opportunity in every challenge
  • Networking: We provide a networking facility for students to find and interact with like minds from across the world.
  • Mentorship: We provide students with reliable and certified professionals as mentors and counselors.
  • Rewards: We reward active community members with coins that are redeemable for the purchase of educational items.
  • Discussions: We provide a group discussion feature to help students deliberate and debate about a topic or issue of concern.
  • Workshops: We put in place workshops and seminars to empower and improve skill acquisition and development.
  • Certifications: We provide certificates of membership and other attended programs and enterprise-skill acquired to enrich curriculum vitae.
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