Partnership policy for education


Partnership policy for education

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Giftedminds Community partnership is number sensitive and rewards according to the weight of each school’s involvement in the community. Our partnership policy is a flexible partnership that unifies the interest of all schools, students, and our organization.

Our partnership package starts from 200 students and onward. However, we have room for schools with less than 200 students. Any school interested in partnering regardless of its size should contact us through any of our contact details.


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Office of the Principal Head

 Subscription valuePackage or equivalent in cash (only one option applies in each section)
1200 studentsHamper pack
HP desktop 2620 wireless printer
Executive office chair
2500 students32’ HD Digital TV
Phantom Z+ Android tablet phone
HP Laserjet pro M15a printer
31,000 students40’ full HD TV
10.1’ windows 4G android tablet
HP Stream 11 Intel Celeron laptop
41,500 students40’ full HD LED TV
Galaxy Tab A 10.1’ android tablet
15 touch, Intel Pentium 4GB RAM laptop
52,000 students43’ full HD LED TV
Galaxy Tab A7, 10.4’ android tablet
Pavilion X360 15 Intel core i3 laptop
62500 students55’ Ultra HD Smart TV
Ipad pro 9.7’
Pavilion 15 Intel core i5 touchscreen laptop
The office of the principal head of the school is entitled to the above listed customized packages based on the number of students joining the community from the school.

General Student Enlightenment Program

2Senior Class50,000
The charges are what the community takes for a paid job. But partnering schools will enjoy the ticked ones free of charge.
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Library Upgrade (Phase I)

Our first phase library upgrading provides the following:

  1. Bookshelves
  2. Textbooks
  3. Shelves indexing assistance

Library Upgrade (Phase II)

Our second phase library upgrade provides the following:

  1. Library seats and arrangement
  2. Internet facility
  3. Electronic library setup
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School and Educational Amenities

We assist with other social and educational amenities which are not limited to the following:

  1. Power supply (i.e.) provision of power generating set; wiring and providing electricity in each classroom.
  2. Fans
  3. Projector and public address system
  4. Security alarm system
  5. Writing materials
  6. First aid facility

Excursion and Vacation

We assist school and students with academic excursion activities in the following areas:

  1. Home economics
  2. History
  3. Agricultural  Science
  4. Government
  5. Commerce and Office practices

We provide a subsidized package for excursions in the above-listed areas. We also help in locating excursion sites and booking appointments on behalf of schools.

Likewise, we organize free excursions to a chosen excursion destination for specific sets of students and specific purposes.

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Staff of the year treat

This treat is for the best staff of the year from all our host school. Host schools are expected to submit the staff of the year in their school with a letter of recommendation stating why the staffs deserve such recognition. We will run these submissions through our Staff Quality

Rating and give the best three staffs a memorable treat. These three staffs will be given a 5-star treatment at a nice resort within their state of residence.

Student soft skill enhancement

Students of host schools will have the opportunity to feed on our resource of skills. They will be enlightened on several soft skills that can enhance their academic qualifications. Skills such as Microsoft Office, WordPress, Web designing, creative writing, creative drawing, technical writing, poetry & spoken word, research & analysis, and lots more will be explored.

Staff training

We help locate and partner in selected staff training by providing certain allowances to enable the success of such training.

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Giftedminds Community remains committed to the success of education both for students and the schools. By partnering with Giftedminds Community you get to enhance the intelligence of your students with our large range of educative contents. You also get to boost your educational service delivery through having an interactive online presence and enjoying our numerous partnership offers.

We pledge to remain committed to our insightful content delivery, safe internet community, modelling educational sector and enhancing schooling environment.

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