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In developing the wonderful and colourful content displaying on our website, we employed the intellectual asset of authors, experts, writers, editors, designers, and photographers.

These people have done a great job in providing brilliant content which we share in our community.

Hence, here is our list:

Brian Sher “How to make money out of thin air.” Self-improvement Publishing, Benin-city; 2002

Brian Sher “What rich people know and desperately want to keep secret.” Self-improvement Publishing, Benin-city; 2000

Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, “Execution: The discipline of getting things done.” Crown Business, New York; 2002

YouWiN!Connect “Successful Nigerian Entrepreneurs: How they started.” Zmirage Multimedia and co, Lagos; 2018

S.A.S. Aruwa “The Business Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial Development Small and Medium Enterprise.” Entrepreneurship Academy Publishing, Kaduna; 2005

We will constantly update our references, citations, and credits list when new sources are made use of on this blog. 

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