3. Conclusion


3. Conclusion

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Our Objectives

This community is aimed at helping individuals find life purpose, academic prowess, and career balance. We want to help grow a nation of devoted and enterprising future leaders who sees opportunity in every challenge. We want to enhance the academic exposure of our community members by widening their horizons above classroom knowledge. We also seek to empower a community with the right attitude towards life with the understanding that the wrong attitudes in our lives will block the blessings of God and cause us to live below God’s potential for our lives.

Your Benefits


We provide the finest selection of local and international content written for academic and enlightenment purposes.


We provide 24-hour quick online assistance for assignments, research works, and projects.


We help schools remain connected with their students against all odds.


We help grow a nation of devoted and enterprising future leaders who sees opportunity in every challenge.


We provide networking opportunities for the student. This is to aid exposure, interaction with like minds, and friendship.


We provide students with reliable and certified professionals as mentors and counselors. Reward. We reward active community members with coins that are redeemable for the purchase of items.


We provide a group discussion feature to help students deliberate and debate about a topic or issues of concern.


We put in place workshops and seminars to empower and improve skill acquisition and development.


We provide a certificate of membership and other attended programs and enterprise-skill acquired to enrich curriculum vitae.



  1. Visit Giftedminds Community

    Open your internet browser and enter https://community.giftedminds.com.ng/

  2. Click on “MY ACCOUNT”

    My Account is located among the list of options immediately after the name ‘Giftedminds Community’. Once you click you will see the REGISTER option.

  3. Click on Register

    You can click the link from here: https://community.giftedminds.com.ng/register/
    Once you are in, a subscription portal will surface.

  4. Fill the Registration form

    Ensure you fill in your correct details in the registration form. This details will include; your full name, email address, your choice password.

  5. Pick a subscription plan

    Once you are done with registration, you will pick a subscription plan of your choice. Please ensure you pick the one that meets your need.

  6. Payment Portal

    Once you are done with the above, click on register button to finalize your registration. You will be redirected to a payment portal to pay for your selected subscription plan. You can ignore, as you have free days of trial to decide whether or not you want to pay for this subscription.

  7. Return home and log in

    Once you have made your choice on payment, return to Giftedminds Community and log into your account. Now you can start using the Giftedminds Community platform.

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