1. Overview


1. Overview

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Giftedminds Community is a 21st-century knowledge based online community. It is a companion for all knowledge seeker and idea developers. We provide daily contents for students, families and businesspersons. 

Giftedminds Community features include:
  • Access to unlimited video contents and tutorials
  • Access to audio contents and books
  • 24 hours online service assistance
  • 24 hours research and other related issues assistance 

In the area of academics,

Giftedminds community provide students with knowledge enhancing topics and subjects of discussion towards boosting their academic performances. This community also assist students with research works, team papers and assignments. There is also a forum for students to network with like minds, share ideas with class mates and instructors.

Giftedminds Community features include:
  • Ability to request a topic or subject 
  • Notification of scheduled contents to be published for the week.
  • Summary of all contents published in the week delivered to your email
  • Get daily rewards for reading and answering questions
  • Live interaction with content authors.


Families also get to enjoy from our in-depth wealth of knowledge made available in our numerous daily and existing contents. These contents are towards building a healthy lifestyle and relationships within and outside the home. We publish subject such as ageing, parenting, healthy tips, work-life balance, relationship goals, drinks and cooking trends, interior and exterior home designing, travels, and vacation tips and many others daily. 

Giftedminds Community features include:
  • Ability to convert contents to PDF files and save for later reading 
  • Engage your social media friends and family with knowledge learnt
  • Ability to join a group of interest in our large community
  • You get to network with our large audience across the world

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs

For the love of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs who seek more insight into the business world, we have a perfect plan. Our business plan is best for start-ups and existing entrepreneurs who are seeking to enlarge their territory. This plan showcases well researched entrepreneurs profile and biography, possible challenges, overcoming challenges, step by step guide to starting up, getting financial assistance and networking with other idealists and potential clients.

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