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Frequently asked questions

Giftedminds Community is an online community built for young adults. The community operates three services – eLearning, eConsultancy, and networking. This platform acts as a facilitator for self-discovery, self-development, and professional and entrepreneurial growth. We intend to help reduce the stress of searching for expert help and mentoring. The platform also provides the opportunity to learn a new skill or help solve a problem.

Giftedminds Community provides a serene environment where people can share, learn and be inspired. We host a large network of youths who are inspired by creativity and dare for innovative changes and personal growth. The community offers professional mentoring and coaching services. Our subject experts provide answers to academic concerns and questions of community members. We provide a 24-hour online service to students and researchers who need help with sourcing materials for their assignments, research and projects.

We are available on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and any other internet-enabled device. Yes, you can take Giftedminds Community anywhere you go. Access the community anywhere and at the time of your choice.

After your first subscription, you will be automatically charged once your subscription ends. We will always send you a confirmation email before charging so you can cancel at will.

Giftedminds Community has no hidden or flaming contracts or charges. We are an open book and it is so easy to see through. You have the right to easily cancel your subscription. There will be no cancellation fee.

Giftedminds Community is an online community that enable you to learn, share and network with positive people Contact Us

reviews about us

"With the level of mentoring available on Giftedminds Community, it feels so easy to meet and interact with the right kind of help. This is innovative and will surely help many in finding their path."
Hilary Leigh
"I will love to recommend this community to every young adult out there. There are several courses and workshops that are free for subscribers. All you have to do is subscribe and enjoy it all."
Hall Read
"There is a high opportunity to learn something new and also meet with new people on Giftedminds Community. The platform is completely vetted to ensure the safety of users."
Quintin Angus
"A complete pack of intelligence and motivation in one zone. You do not just learn, you get to make new connection and also get insight from amazing men and women. This is power!"
Jillie Tempest