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Intelligent kids are the joy of every home. They make the house come alive with their creative words and works. One of the smartest ways to do this is to open your children up for creative challenges. Creative challenges such as spelling, singing, dancing, drawing, fashion, puzzle games among others.

Oftentimes, children need to rub minds with intelligent kids to help boost their morale, teamwork and competitive spirit. Unfortunately, there are very few platforms providing these services.

Tosin Ann Creative Concept is organizing another opportunity for your smart kids this year. On the 23rd of December, Tosin Ann Creative Concept will thrill your children to the best of an intelligent contest.

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This year’s Spelling Bee Fiesta features:

  • Treasure hunt
  • Dance competition
  • Fashion parade
  • Spelling bee
  • Board games and puzzle
  • Crown King
  • Queen Bee
  • Lots of prizes
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Your children also get to visit Santa Claus, learn new words and meet inspiring tutors. You do not want your children to miss out on this exclusive opportunity. Contact 08060489603 or 08064226491 to book your reservations.

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