Sometimes things won’t work the way you planned them to. This is one basic truth about life.

I learned from the movie “Parasites” that the best plan is not having a plan at all.

Here is another basic truth about life:

There are millions of beings in this world, it is quite natural that there will be clashes of ideas.

Equally, there will be the fortunate and unfortunate, the blessed and the needy. But, no needy should ever settle for less. No one should.

However, whichever category you might fall in you have the right to decide if it will be for a moment or forever.

Whenever it feels like all your efforts aren’t yielding the right result, you don’t have to give up on your genius ideas.  There are billions of ideas ruling this world. Some ideas only need to go extinct so that yours can strive.

Several years back no one would ever imagine social media, internet banking, electronic books, electronic mails among others. But some people had nursed these ideas for several years until their time came to flourish.

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