Pyramid Builders

Pyramid building must have been developed using mathematical formulae.

The Egyptians were building massive pyramids almost 5,000 years ago. We are still not sure how they achieved this without mechanical lifting and cutting equipment used today.

The answer must be that they used huge numbers of slaves and haul the enormous stones with which they were built.

Recently, scientists have calculated that as many as 10,000 slaves were probably needed to work on one of these structures.

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The shape of a pyramid (polyhedron) is a three-dimensional figure with flat faces.

These huge structures were very carefully designed and constructed.

It is clear that the builders must have had a very good knowledge of mathematics to be able to build and measure these vast pyramids with such accuracy.

An example is the Pythagoras Theorem. A formula for calculating one side of a right-angled triangle, if the other two sides are known.

(a x a) + (b x b) = (c x c)