Not all birds are good with height

I love the sky and I wish humans could fly. I would love to fly high in the sky and watch the earth from a different angle. But I can’t, only birds are giving this rare privilege – to fly in the sky and also walk on land. Well, food does not grow in the sky yet, so they need land to eat from.  

Regardless, I do not envy the birds. Not all birds are good with height. Birds might look alike and fly alike, but they are distinct from one and another. The same is for human. We live, eat, drink, talk and communicate so similarly that we often forget that we are never the same. I once heard that twins (though birthed on the same day) are nothing near the same. Why then do we live our lives trying to be someone else?

I know perhaps I should tell you something different right now. You might be expecting me to say you can fly as high as you so desire; that you can reach the uppermost mountain and even higher above the sky. Well, I am not a motivational speaker and I am not writing to give you fabricated confidence.

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Should I encourage a peacock to forget about its bravura gorgeousness and acquire flying skills just because it is equally a bird? Should I motivate ducks to learn to walk faster or fly higher rather than walking on a straight file when in a group? Should I blame the ostrich for never teaching their babies to fly so that they can grow up to become high flyers? Perhaps the mother hen is not a responsible mother as she always watches the hawk take her chicks. And, yet she has not learned to fly high enough to give the hawk a chase. What have people told you about who you are? How much of people’s opinion about your life have made you want to be someone else?

Brethren, do not let defective and unrealistic motivation or faulting deprive you of living your life and fulfilling your destiny. There is a beautiful reason all birds do not fly. And, there are yet more reasons they all do not fly at the same height. This is also similar to why all humans are different from each other.

Often, you believe you are better than some set of people (could be your friend, neighbour, colleague, siblings), but they look more satisfied and accomplished than you are. Then you begin to censor or grade your success and achievement by their standard of living, with the hope that if you can attain as much as they do you will be fulfilled.

Many have been in this position, they have attained as much as their supposed competition and yet they are not near fulfilment. Why? They spent their lives chasing another man’s dreams and not theirs. Another man’s dream cannot bring you to a place of fulfilment, you will keep struggling to keep up with what they are doing with ease.

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There is a unique reason you were born. There is a reason you might not have the ability to fly. And if you can fly but not so high like the eagle, it is because you were not created an eagle. Every bird regardless of its ability will continue to be regarded as a bird. Similarly, irrespective of where a bird’s ability lies, they all feed well and appear sweet and swift. Don’t spend the vital days of your life trying to learn to fly. Well, you might successfully learn to fly someday but you might just be too old to fly high for a long distance.

Flying as used in this context does not mean how far you can go in life but concentrating on your ability and not been carried away by the abilities of others. While some reptiles have legs to move them around to source food, snakes do not have a single one. Yet, they still feed and get healthy as the others. We humans are so good with losing focus on ourselves and belittling our abilities. This is how many of us live today. We miss life-transforming opportunities because we refuse to stay at the level we ought to dwell in. We keep aiming so high and trying to meet up and sometimes disguising just to fit in.

We have failed to remember that life’s greatness does not lie in what you have than others, but what you can do better than others. Many who do not have western education in Nigeria are doing better than those with several certificates. The rich men and women we see and hear of today were once unemployed, servants or employee in another man’s vineyard. Many of them do not have rich parents, guardians, sponsors or as much education that is available to us today. Some of them are dropouts and social neglect.

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The surest way to make an exploit in life is not about comparing your abilities with others or competing for material acquisition. The surest way to a long lifetime of exploit is staying true to your hustle and level. Not all birds are good with height, but there is no bird without special abilities.  

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