I’ve to talk to God
Just in case
My case HE haven’t heard
Cos the world is so busy
And His schedule so tight

I’ve tried it in prayers
A mix of empty stomach
Trying to empty my heart
In all emptiness and sincerity
Cos, I want God to hear me

Haven’t I talked enough
Dear God
My words have gone up
In millions each sentence
I carefully present at ur table

Day and night,
I seek your face
In faith that my fate might be
That of a palm by the riverside
Bearing fruits in seasons

Forgive me Lord
For I need to know
How many more words
Would I need to utter
In prayers for Ur face to see

For I might be forced
By the fierce fire
Burning within the heart walls
To protest for protection
Cos, my lungs can’t wait longer

Each day I burn for a change
Each day I bleed for a chance
Each night I seek for opportunity
Each night I sought for an answer

But wait a little longer
So they say and so it’s written
So is my life and so it panting
So my plans and its good deeds
Have been so since I learn to believe

I want to talk to God
I don’t want to talk to myself
Tis conversation has been one-way
I’m in desperate need of a feedback
Or, doesn’t God want to talk to me?

“I’ve to talk to God” was written by Victor Eshameh

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