illustration of man carrying box of financial loss on back

The primary reason for financial problems in life is a lack of self-discipline. It is the reason most adults have financial problems, and not low earning.

As we grow older, when we receive money, we mentally salivate at the thought of spending this money on something that makes us happy, at least temporarily. It is quite common for many people, when they are unhappy or frustrated for any reason, to go shopping. They unconsciously associate buying something with being happy.

The starting point of achieving financial independence is to discipline yourself to rewire your attitude towards money. You need to reach into your subconscious mind to disconnect the wire linking “spending” and “happiness”. You need to then reconnect that “happiness” to “saving and investing”.

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When you begin saving, something miraculous happens within you. You start to feel happy about the idea of having money in the bank. The very act of discipline yourself to save money makes you feel stronger and more in control of your destiny.

Begin today to save 1 per cent of your income and learn to live on the other 99 per cent. However, financial advisers suggest that you need to save 15 – 20 per cent of your income in order to achieve all your financial goals. Any less than this opens you up to the risk of running out of money later in life.

The more money you have in your bank account or investment, the more energy it generates and the more money is attracted into your life. You have heard it said that “it takes money to make money”. This is true. As you begin to save and accumulate money, the universe begins to direct more and more money toward you that you can save and accumulate.

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