How to deal with the fake people in your life

Fake people will hurt you and they will make you feel like you are the one who have hurt them.” – Anonymous

In life, at one or more times, we have all encountered some situations where after fusing a lot of efforts into what we want, we were told we cannot get the thing anymore.

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Hearing this makes one feel denied, pale, jaded and rejected.

But if you have realised your purpose and the weight of what your soul commands –

You will know that those who reach their goals moved with friends, while those who exceeded their goals got pushed by their enemies.

In the journey of life, it has been ordained that you are going to be criticised, you are going to be denied, you are going to face cynicism from those you perceived as allies.

But if you weather the storms with the right attitudes, if you are alert to win the hurdles, you will become the cynosure of your life.

No successful individual has ever reached the echelon of his pursuit without dealing with fake people.

This is because God uses fake people to nourish you mentally, refill you spiritually and transform your inner being –

So that you can reign in fake people’s denials or to use your story as testimony of victory to posterity.

Sometimes, the reason why the transition moment of your life has not been birth, is because the fake person who will reveal your true identity to you has not come into your life.

When he/she comes into your life, no doubt that out of envy or hatred, he/she will do everything possible to rob you of your values, dignity and virtues which have been the hallmarks of your life.

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One of the strategies great people have adopted in navigating the traps of fake people is not to use feelings to reflect on fake people’s actions, but to use their mind to interpret fake people’s actions.

Doing this gives them the opportunity to gain insights on how to traverse the pool of such occurrence in the future and make a new discovery about themselves.

Let’s take the lives of some prophets named in the Scriptures as examples: Jesus Christ was denied by one of his most trusted allies and apostles.

But when God wanted to elevated his status in the midst of men, God made him a pious soul through which human generations find redemption and salvation.

Also, look at the life of prophet Noah, his wife and son were the fake people in his life. But when they pushed him to the extreme of his destiny, both the son and wife were cursed!

Don’t worry or feel sad when people show you their true picture, they are being subservient to one of human’s nature.

Instead of letting them cause you failure or sap your energy, relaunch yourself; be recharged with the promises of what the future holds, set yourself on a new horizon that will make you discover more sense of happiness about yourself.

When the unexpected events of life come knocking at your door through the actions of fake people, don’t cringe to your shell in miseries.

Don’t be defeated and limited to the disappointments of fake people’s actions, because the only thing that lasts longer is how you use the situation to long for a new cruise.

Robin Sharma affirmed that “There are simply no limits for a person who accepts no limits.”

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SULYMAN, Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”