How Giftedminds Community is helping to improve student performance

My name is Victor Eshameh, research and content manager at Giftedminds Community. I am writing to introduce to you a platform designed for students and school management.

The platform, Giftedminds Community was launched in December 2020. The community help promote student to student networking and teacher to student interaction. Our aim is to provide a community where students and tutors can interact without boundaries. Likewise, the community provides a secure environment for students to network among other students in order to promote idea generation and innovative exhibitions.

Giftedminds CommunityAn online platform for smart learning & mentoring

Gain access to unlimited educative and inspiring content, network with mentors, find a counsellor and hang out with peers all in one place.

Giftedminds Community also provides academic and inspiring content daily. We focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) which we have subdivided into twenty-five subjects. The subjects and topics of discussion are driven by a nationally designed school curriculum. Our aim is to boost the knowledge of students thereby providing them with daily content that can aid the efforts of the classroom teachers.

In addition to the above, we are creativity-driven. We inspire and support the entrepreneurial ambition of students. Students who have or are yet to discover their talents are stirred to through our entrepreneurship and innovation training. These training are often through textual and virtual meetings. We equally hold creative innovation and entrepreneurship seminars and conferences once a year.

The Giftedminds Community is an online-based platform for students, entrepreneurs and families. Our forums are consciously guarded and grouped to avoid any form of internet misuse or criminal activities. This implies that systems are properly protected and adequately monitored to prevent cybercrime and misconduct.

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