Giftedminds Anniversary

Five years ago was the beginning of a brand new hustle in my life. I decided to chase a dream and make a career out of it, despite its surrounding challenges. Five years ago, I registered my passion into a business and built a wealth of knowledge alongside finance.

It all started like a child’s play; searching for my first client, searching for business partners, searching for goodwill, searching for the next big project or just any project at all, and on and on. It is really easy to kick start any business, keeping it running is often challenging. This is one of the major challenges. However, today we celebrate 5 years of existence as Giftedminds Writers Firm.

There was no single year that we failed any of our clients. There has not been a single moment we couldn’t keep up with any challenges we confronted. There was never a single moment we stop existing.

From nothing, we started a website that enables us to draw the attention of the world to our kind of services. We were able to build a forum of over 5,000 registered users. We have been able to kick start a community for students, young entrepreneurs and researchers. We have also launched a market research and sale promotion platform called Market Demand Media with the aim of helping manufacturers, producers and startup companies understand the needs of the market community.

Aside from these, we have worked with different media companies such as news, marketing and networking. We have also worked with several organizations such as non-governmental, government, and private-owned organization.

From starting alone, we have continually grown in human resources thereby increasing our knowledge and output. It is with deep gratitude that I must thank all those who started this idea with me, even though they are no longer with us. They are succeeding in their various employment and enterprise, their encouragement and effort made the beginning a lot easier.

As we look forward to a better and brighter future of knowledge-sharing and helping businesses grow, I will like to salute the Giftedminds Writers Firm team, the Giftedminds Community team, the Subject Expert team, and the Market Demand Media team. I will also like to salute the continuous support of our mentors and our strong network of global friends. I should also mention that we have over one thousand business acquaintances in different regions of the world. They have been instrumental in all our publications – The Voices Journal vol. 1 and 2, and the soon to be released SDD magazine (Self-Discovery and Development Magazine).

Five years ago around this time, I was thinking of how to go about the tasks of running a firm; five years later I am thankful for the mighty things God did without causing me to sweat over any. In the next five years to come, I won’t be writing this to you via this platform. I will be broadcasting live on the screen of your television at a big anniversary event. Our dream to build a brand in every country of the earth is gradually becoming a reality. It is God all the way.

Congratulations to us! We are five and we are fine.

Victor Eshameh, President – Giftedminds Writers Firm

19th April, 2021

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