Corruption is a very dangerous problem in our Country which involves bribery and embezzlement for personal reasons.

Corruption often made possible with attaining power. The leaders of our dear Nation are strictly involved in this illegal act, thus, endangering the future of which is to come.

Also, this issue doesn’t affect the lives of our leaders alone, but, it can be seen, viewed and felt in the heart of the growing citizens. If this continue, it will wreck the very beauteous pride of our dear country.

The issue of corruption is what’s destroying the very peaceful and lovely government of our dear country. This has caused an intense havoc in the very eyes and the heart of the country. Corruption is a disease; that which is entering the heart of the youth too and causing a problem that needs to be fought to the end.

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There is a need for us to evacuate corruption in the heart of the growing citizen so that it won’t be a greater cause of down fall due to our insufficient application of knowledge.

The youth should not give in to this course, but fight it with their dear life. So that the bad reign of our previous leaders won’t fall on them in their nearest future.

Corruption has choke the breath passage of our leaders, which caused and still causing them to misbehave. This is because we lack truthful and faithful leaders.

We have to battle against corruption in order to purify the atmosphere of our dear Nation. The atmosphere of our elders are already corrupted and the youth are the purifier, so we don’t need to be bad, we just need to be good.
How can we stop the corruption that is endangering the lives of our Citizens?
We all should uphold the rule of law guiding our Country which has been set in the constitution.

Law enforcers should also work in order to avoid the growth of corruption.

The growing youth should also not give in to this act. The citizens should encourage one another not to give in to corruption, so that it can be controlled from one generation to another generation.

With this a better future can be guaranteed.

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