First Aid

This first aid tip is on how to help a choking person or a choking victim.

If victim can speak

  • Reassure and encourage coughing to force out the obstruction.
  • Never hit on the back.
  • If coughing persists seek immediate medical attention.

If victim cannot speak or cough but is conscious

  • Confirm if the victim is actually choking.
  • From behind, slip your arms around victim’s waist.
  • Make a fist with one had and grasp with the other hand. Place above the naval.
  • Press into abdomen of the victim with a quick upward thrust.
  • Repeat until object is expelled or victim becomes unresponsive.

If victim becomes unresponsive

  • Send for help or phone for help yourself.
  • With victim’s face up, open airway and attempt to ventilate. If air does not enter victim’s chest, begin CPR.
  • REMEMBER to open the airway wide when giving two slow breaths. Look for a foreign object and remove if seen. Blind finger sweeps should not be performed.
  • Repeat CPR sequence until airway is cleared or medical personnel arrive.
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