fear is deadly

Fear is deadly, and this is the more important reason dealing with fear is a concern.

When you back away from a fear-induced situation or person, your fear grows larger and larger. Soon it dominates your thinking and feeling, re-occupies you during the day, and often keeps you awake at night.

The only way to deal with a fear is to address it head-on. The natural tendency of many people is to deny that they have a problem caused by fear of some kind. They are afraid of confronting it. In turn, it becomes a major source of stress, unhappiness, and psychosomatic illness.

The companion of fear is worry. Like twin sisters, fear and worry go around together. Do you know that it has been estimated that 99 percent of the things we worry about never happen.

Most of the things that do happen, happen so quickly that you don’t have time to worry about them. Here are four things to consider, this will destroy your fear and worry almost instantly.

  1. Define the worry situation clearly
  2. Identify the worst possible thing that could happen
  3. Resolve to accept the worst possible outcome
  4. Begin immediately to improve on the worst

The real antidote and only real cure for fear or worry is discipline and purposeful action in the direction of your goals. Get so busy working on your goals or situations to your problems.

Give no space or time to be afraid or worried about anything. When you practice courage and force yourself to face fear-inducing situation in your life, yourself esteem goes up; your self-respect increases and your sense of personal pride grows.