Dear Overpriced Bride | Victor Eshameh

Dear overpriced bride,
It is time to get yourself together,
Don’t be deceived by the social media,
They are all fiction flames with no fire,
They don’t really care about what you go through.

Hey overpriced bride,
How do you feel in this white robe?
Hope the weight of your makeup isn’t breaking you up?
And the heels on your legs are sinking you in
I wish upon the clouds for a rain to wash you clean

To as many overpriced bride on our street
Those pretty face and cosy barrels parading our neighborhood
With flashy coverings and noisey jingling
Skillful in the exhibition of curves and edges
How soon your selling points fade away

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Never mind overpriced bride
You are just a work of art
Always at the auction table
Seeking for the highest bid
Living from hand to hand

I can’t fade your pains away
My darling overpriced bride
But I sure can make you feel better
I hope you change your mind and discover your heart

It is okay to ask for help
My overpriced bride
You don’t have to act perfect
We all know that no-one is perfect
Not now, not here and never will anyone be