Tony Elumelu - founder of tony elumelu foundation

Tony Elumelu, Founder Tony Elumelu Foundation shares with his entrepreneurial adherents core values that have helped him in life

“I want to share a little of my own story and what I call the #TOEWAY and the core values that guide me. These values have helped me personally and professionally, and are incredibly important for every young African entrepreneur to imbibe, learn, thrive, and grow from.

The first is Execution.

Execution demands that we focus on results. It gives us a sense of urgency. A commitment to our objectives. We must be meticulous. There is a discipline of getting things done. There is a temptation to put things off โ€“ we should shun excuses and needless explanations. Remain driven and committed to that goal. Committed to going that extra mile. Be known for your dependability, and be consistent in delivering results.

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The second is Excellence.

To achieve excellence, there must be a sense of professionalism across everything you do. You cannot be guided by short term or emotional sentiments. Strive to be fair and objective at all times. Lead with integrity. Be exceptional, stand out for your disciplined and rigour. Prioritize your customers and give them the best experience that you can offer. Be respectful of your peers, subordinates and leaders.

Our final value is on Enterprise.

What is an enterprise? It is about doing things differently โ€“ seeking out new ways. Not change for change’s sake, but because our increasingly complex world demands new answers to new challenges. It is the essence of entrepreneurship. It is what can set you apart, raise you up, change your life โ€“ and those around you.

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If you wonder how you can achieve your goals, as I have said earlier, know that the first step is to be disciplined. Choose discipline as your daily practice. Nurture the mindset of longevity in all areas of your thinking. Embrace challenges; there is no success without sacrifices. Whether it is in your business, personal life or relationships, a new year is a clean slate. It is a chance to set goals, commit to them, and prepare your mind for the discipline that is required for growth and success.

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