“To find your best self, you must lose your weak self.” – Robin Sharma

Deep Inside every man lies a voice that echoes the negatives, more than the positives. This voice speaks to us in several ways – you can’t accept this, don’t take this, you are more than that, don’t forgive that person, you can’t live beyond your weaknesses and a host of other dissent suggestions raging in our mind through this voice. If we don’t get rid of this voice, we are bound to live beneath the potential instilled in us.

It is indisputable that we all have this voice inbuilt in us to be serving two purposes: To cause illusion in our mind and to illuminate our mind. You may be imagining how a voice that is meant to pull us down can also illuminate our mind. Yes, it is. I want you to know that those who follow the shadow may end in obstruction, while those who initiated a path to be followed by the shadow meet their end where they designed it.

Let’s take the two folds of our weaker self one by one. The inner voice that causes illusion achieves this by doing everything possible to hold us down, to be subjecting ourselves to what we can’t do instead of what we can do, to be painting every picture bad, to never find any reason to move on in life and to never imagine that there is something we deserve to be rewarded for in life. Those that are listening to this voice don’t take responsibility in life, they lack self-control, they don’t respect others and they are always emotional than rational

Listening to the weaker voice that causes illusion makes one lose direction in life. It makes us be overwhelmed by resentment, hatred, anger, guilt, regret, self-pity and a spirit of unforgiveness; and if these feelings persist in someone’s life, that person will be dwelling in inconsistencies. And with inconsistencies, Henry Ukazu cautioned that “It’s worthy of note that inconsistency is not consistent with the lifestyle of greatness.”

Before one can live up to greatness, conquering one’s weaker self is essential because it makes one’s mind to be illuminated. It makes you see triumphs where others are seeing defeats. It makes someone visualize stars where others are seeing darkness. It strengthens someone when others are getting weak. It makes someone develops the courage to face his/her fear. It makes someone’s mind to be filled with believes that he/she is born to be a champion and that he/she should never settle for failure!

Gbenga Adebambo says, “He who does not look ahead, always remain behind. Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.”

If you cannot conquer your weaker self, you will lose the power to use your present to create a track for your future; and those that believe in using now to create the future always realised that they have to be releasing their weaker sides for their strength to take over. “There is nothing noble in being superior to someone else,” noted by John C. Maxwell, “Progress is becoming superior to your previous self.’’

Don’t doubt that you can let go of those negatives that are causing your life to be lived in mediocrity. Don’t doubt it that you can overcome the obstacles and adversities limiting you from fulfilling your destiny.

The voices around you have no power when compared to the voices inside you. Let it echoes the sound of greatness. Let its beat trembles you to sheer enthusiasm, vitality and forte of a wonderful life. Remember, no one ever rises to his desire status in life if he can’t rise above his inner self!

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”

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