For nearly 2000 years, crystals and precious stones have been linked with months of the year. Different religious and cultural groups have associated different stones with different months. Those popular in western culture today are shown here, together with their different characteristics. According to tradition, a person’s birthstone brings them good luck.

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Gemstones also correspond to the signs of the Zodiac, although the birth dates for each month do not exactly match the beginning and end of each month. Birthstones may originate from a story in the Bible about Aaron, the first high priest of the Israelites, whose breastplate is described as being decorated with 12 precious stones.

Hence, check out your birthstone and what it symbolizes.

  • GarnetJanuary – Constancy
  • AmethystFebruary – Sincerity
  • AquamarineMarch – Courage
  • DiamondApril – Innocence
  • EmeraldMay – Love
  • PearlJune – Health
  • RubyJuly – Contentment
  • PeridotAugust – Married happiness
  • SapphireSeptember – Clear thinking
  • OpalOctober – Hope
  • TopazNovember – Faithfulness
  • TurquoiseDecember – Wealth
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