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There are different classes of success out in the world today. Most importantly in recent times, we have heard people talk about fake lifestyles. That is, people, looking successful but actually in need of help. Some believe it is an application of faith. They would say, ‘you have to fake it to make it.” But, do you truly need to fake success to become successful?

Success has been defined by many in their capacity. Everyone has a personal definition of almost everything. However, sometimes the different definitions generated from different sources could lead to a confused understand of the term. For instance, many are still battling with understanding if a tomato is a fruit or vegetable as a result of the definition many have given on tomato. Let’s take a few definitions of success by different authors.

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome.

Booker T. Washington

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

Bill Gates

Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace.

Mike Ditka
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Regardless of how success might have been defined, you should understand that success is not an over-the-night miracle. It is the result of a planned and calculated effort. It is the outcome of mindful thoughts, steady belief, and tireless energy.  But like I stated earlier, there are different classes of success. Your source of inspiration determines the kind of success you will achieve.

It is easy to find a burglar becoming successful and rich. We have them in different areas of our streets. A fraudster can become or look more successful and rich than a genuine businessman or woman. A lying lawyer can win more cases and become successful than an honest lawyer. A cheating student can pass all examination papers and appear more successful than those who poured out their knowledge during the exams.

These are all successes whether we like it or not. Why? This is because their successes are a result of planned and calculated efforts. It is also an outcome of mindful thoughts, steady belief and tireless energy. It is equally scriptural. The bible says a man’s gift will make room for him.’ Irrespective of what your gift or talent is, it will surely make room for you. This implies that when you make use of your talent, you are bound to get a room to yourself, get people to listen to you among other benefits.

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Consciously, the bible did not state what will happen afterwards. What happens next after you have successful open great doors as a result of your talent? What happens next if your skill has fetched you societal love and affluence? This is a question many of us fail to ask ourselves when diving into the urge to be successfully rich. Well, there is barely anybody without a gift. The use of this gift is what guarantees the making of the room.

People do not just become burglars, fraudsters, corrupt public servant, among others over the night. Most times it is a Plan B of converting their talent of exploring good to exploring evil to hasten the said making of the room. Impatience! When you can no longer wait until the day your good works will start to make room. When you think of nothing else than yourself and yourself alone.  

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Yes, I know it gets tiring to continue to try to succeed and nothing impressing is happening. Coupled with the oppressions of friends, family, and the society at large; giving up the good course for a quick yielding alternative might seem right. But if you want a clear-out guide to becoming successfully rich, this is not the way. Let me tell you a story of the Promised Land.

There was this set of people in the Bible story known as the Israelites who lived in Egypt. They worked tirelessly in the land of Egypt, yet they were neither rich nor successful. But one day their story was going to change because a man’s gift is designed to make a way for him and not enslave him. Somehow that finally came, the Egyptians paid the Israelites with several good things including gold. They also permitted the Israelites to go and make for themselves their nation. Even though they had just gained freedom and prosperity there was still another trial moment ahead of them. They had to go through the wilderness into the Promised Land.

In Bible stories, this story is usually captioned, “God lead the Israelite through the wilderness into the Promised Land.” Naturally, we believe people who might have gone through rough and unpleasant upbringing and life circumstances should supernaturally receive God’s mercy. So when you pray and cry to God for a solution and He decides to take you through the wilderness, you begin to feel unanswered.

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Many of us have received answers to our prayers but we are not ready to move into fulfilling our destiny. Hence, we are where we are because of the steps we failed to take when needed. At the end of the story, the Israelites got into the Promised Land. But here is the twist, the journey of forty days became a four-decade journey.

This is explainable and relatable in our current world. All you might need to succeed is forty days of total commitment to developing your gifts and making them a valuable asset. But, rather than being willing to commit, you keep jumping from one employment to another, one trade to another. You might end up spending forty additional years before you finally realize you have wasted so many years chasing nothing.

Your wilderness might be for you to start small or for you to keep learning under a mentor. Your wilderness might be for you to learn how to manage that little income you receive monthly. Your wilderness might be for you to remain single until a perfect time. Your wilderness might be to first successfully find your way out of depression or bad company. Regardless of whatsoever, your wilderness is, God always walks with his people. A scripture in Psalms says, “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will free no evil for though art with me…

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To crown it all, I will recommend that you remain calm and focus while you walk through that stage of life. Regardless of the state or condition you are in right now; you are not the first to be and you won’t be the last. No condition is particular to a person. If anybody can make it, you too can. Always remember that it is the blessings of God that make you rich and adds no sorrow. And, this is the clear-cut guide to becoming successfully rich.