Be Inspired
road under cloudy sky

Be Inspired is a periodical series created by Life Coach Victor Eshameh. The aim of this series is to propel us to be better each day and never waste our time. Be Inspired will help you beat doubt and create the life you dream of today.

“What if there is only one more tomorrow after today, just like there is only one Yesterday before today?”

And at the end of tomorrow, there is no other tomorrow to look up to.

Do not postpone your success still tomorrow. We do not really know how many more tomorrows we have left. Succeed today while you still have the strength and vigour, then enjoy tomorrow. Work so hard today, because tomorrow you shall rest either way. Isn’t that why we say Rest In Peace to the dead? Don’t wait; don’t waste but wail until it is accomplished. Because we don’t know how many more tomorrows we have left.