We Are a Self-Improvement
Community With a 24-hrs Counseling and Mentoring Service

If you ever need someone to talk to, one who won’t judge you but counsel and mentor you to great height – Join our workshop and networking forum to find out how we are helping people grow in body, mind and knowledge.

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We Love to Inform Persons and Reform Attitudes

Our sole aim is to provide comfort in all seasons. Regardless of how troubling and devastating the situation you face might be, we want to offer you succour and help you get back strong. But, why wait till you feel down and lonely before joining the community that inspires and educates you on all facets of life?

We have daily contents that help to set each day straight and smooth. Our contents inspire creative reasoning while also promoting academic excellence for those in school. The Giftedminds conference is one event you won’t want to miss. Experts are invited from different works of life to speak on the life-transforming experiences – true stories.

Our Instructors

Victor Eshameh

Life Coach & Enterprise Instructor

Anita Jackson

Creativity & Art Instructor

Emmanuel Iyiola

Health & Safety Instructor

Sanusi Yahuza

Legal Coach & Civic Instructor

Award-winning Online Community

Giftedminds community is an online community built for young adults. We host a large network of youths who are inspired by creativity and dare for innovative changes and personal growth. There are no limits to the number of networks that can be created and the number of networks that can be joined. 

We have no hidden or flaming contracts or charges. We are an open book and it is so easy to see through. You have the right to easily cancel your subscription.

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“They say tough time never last but tough people do. This is very possible when people have a place to relate their worries and be edified with life principles that works. Giftedminds Community is new but it has proven to be helpful in reducing tensions and depressing thoughts that comes with daily life hustling”

Thomas Edwards

“Several platforms help get you started as a student or as an entrepreneur. But, none of them has considered this much. Giftedminds Community helps you through academic success, attitude and emotional development and building your business. What more can you need?”

Chiamaka Onuoha

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