A mother's true price

A mother’s true price is a poem about motherhood. Timothy Letts expresses the grief and pain of a certain woman and tells about freedom.

A single tear rolls down her cheek as she remembers.
Every thought and every memory, she remembers.
She sees his face, she feels his soul, she remembers.
She feels the pain, she lays in vain as she remembers.
There isn’t a second of the day,
not a single memory she lets drift away, she remembers.

She lost a friend, she lost a son,
she lost a hero to everyone, she remembers.
There will always be heavy grief,
every second it feels there’s no relief as she remembers.

She remembers the son, the friend, that she has lost.
She knows more than all how great a cost, as she remembers.

Freedom is not free, it is something we can agree,
it comes with such a powerful cost. It comes with every person lost
one day I pray that we, just maybe, we will find it ultimately.

© Timothy J. Letts

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