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A government driver on his retirement by Onu Kingsley Chibuike, one might call ‘Twist of fate/Irony of life or Situational irony’ whereby a day that ought to be celebrated for freedom from daily stress associated with forced waking up early every day for work and having spent thirty-five years of meritorious service to his fatherland, and now appreciated with the gift of a brand new car to ease his movement in retirement but somehow ends him up in self-destructive actions caused by his unbridled joy from excessive intake of alcohol. The poem which begins on a celebratory tone suddenly ends up in anti-climactic tone as a result of destined self-destruction.

Many years on wheels
In faithful service to his fatherland
Today retires he home
And a celebration he holds

5. Many years has he pummeled his boozy throat
In obedience to duty rules and regulations
Today, he’ll go home a Freeman
Eligible for his country’s services

9. “Come, friends, rejoice with me
I shall booze and zoom myself home
Away from duty rules
Come celebrate my freedom
“Early to duty, tomorrow holds not,
Thirty-five years of faithful services
I’ll booze to sleep away my sufferings
Today I’ve long waited for”

17. More joy to send him home.
A brand new car in his name
An appreciative symbol
For undented thirty-five years of service to

21. “Come, friends and rejoice more,
Joy till no more joy to joy
Today frees and makes me a king
My patience rewarded”.

25. And so, he boozed and boozed
Celebrating the celebration of his retirement
From faithful service to fatherland
He battled with his bottle booze

On his way home on wheels,
Booze boozed his vision and clear judgment
He boomed his brand new car
And it sent him home
Home to rest in peace.

(7 Stanzas; 33 lines.)

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